Dead Sober at 40,000 Feet!

“It can hardly be a coincidence,” wrote Douglas Adams, “that no language on earth has ever produced the expression, ‘As pretty as an airport.’” Oh,...

Konyagi: Tears of the Lion

During my sophomore year of college I enrolled in a course entitled Modern Sub-Saharan Africa. Despite the impressive title, the course consisted of one...

The Qingdao Beer Festival Is Evil…

Qingdao (pronounced Ching-dao), is located in the northeast Chinese province of Shandong. The city of three million is famous for three things: sailing, meat...
Guinness Tester!

In Dry Dubai They Call Me Guinness Tester!

From 2002 to 2003, I was a Guinness-tester in Dubai. My official title was Stout Evaluative Engineer (SEE), though after a few hours of SEE-ing...
This River Runs Wild

This River Runs Wild

Nothing goes together quite like alcohol and open water. Maybe it has something to do with the sense of weightlessness. When I was a kid,...
I Drink the World: The Charles H. Baker Jr. Story

I Drink the World: The Charles H. Baker Jr. Story

When asked what he liked to drink, which was often, Charles H. Baker could have replied with great authority: "I Drink the World." Which probably...

Pass the Buckie

Maligned, despised, and nearly banned in Scotland. Buckfast Tonic Wine had a rare moment of glory on May 14th, 2016­—the first World Buckfast Day. A...

Drunkard of the Issue #61: Dear Booze

If you fancy yourself a hard drinker and aren’t following notoriously unrepetent drunkard Colin Deal (@Dear_Booze) on Twitter, then you are needlessly depriving yourself...

The People’s Republic of Baiju

The world’s best-selling booze is a Chinese spirit called baijiu. Not because people around the world are clamoring to buy it—most non-Chinese who’ve tried it...

The Drinking Dead, Part III: Drink or Die

Click for Part One or Part Two I swung the heavy base of the Johnnie Walker lamp at the head of the onrushing zombie just as...
Attack of the Mezcal Worms

Attack of the Mezcal Worms

My first taste of mezcal came on the heels of trying to force down a potent homemade batch of what was essentially botulism mixed...

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