Taking a Dive with Dave Attell

The Star of Comedy Central’s Insomniac might not be able to sleep, but he can sure as hell drink. The Drunkard talks to Dave...

Boozing For Love in All the Wrong Faces

So I got a little roughed up last time. You can’t just sit there and lick your wounds all night. What you do is pour...

The Art of the Lost Weekend

Weekends were once the sovereign territory of the working stiff. Every tick and tock between the Friday exodus and Monday was consecrated ground, where a...

Boozer’s Burden

“You should be very careful when drinking. It is very easy to become an alcoholic.” Variations on that theme seem to endlessly echo through a...

All That Jazz

Come on boys, I know a whoopie spot Where the gin is cold And the piano is hot. It’s just a noisy hall Where there’s a nightly brawl. And all...

Palace of the Drunkard

Remember running through the streets, drunk on whiskey vomiting from the joint smoked at the taxi queue, stealing newspapers at dawn it was my birthday you were there but— I...

Episode 4: Tiki Drinks With Karl Christian Krumpholz

Your hosts: Frank Kelly Rich (Founder and Editor of MDM) and Nick Plumber (Poetry Editor and Travel Writer for MDM). Special guest: Karl Christian Krumpholz,...

The Dry Party

One advantage of being a third-party presidential candidate is that you can say outrageous things and get away with it. Still, it's hard to...

Rum and Marriage

Walking up the dirt road, Mark realized that he would never walk up this road in the same way. He would never drink a...
Clash of the Tightest

Quarterfinals: Burton Vs. Bukowski & Bogart Vs. Faulkner

Who's the greatest boozer of all time? We’re close to finding out. The first round of the semifinals was settled last month, with a young...

Pass the Buckie

Maligned, despised, and nearly banned in Scotland. Buckfast Tonic Wine had a rare moment of glory on May 14th, 2016­—the first World Buckfast Day. A...

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