Modern Drunkard's Field Guide to Drinking with a Mask




The 86 Rules of Boozing

1. If you owe someone money, always pay them back in a bar. Preferably during happy hour. 2. Always toast before doing a shot. 3. Whoever...

Postcards from Skid Row Archives

Full moon moonshine Drank got drunk stumbling beneath the blurry pair of pale faced moons. Sip your gloom away the screaming crowd cries swaying. Slouch down in...

The Lost Art of Staggering

Staggering, I mean really staggering, is rapidly becoming a lost art. In fact, in this modern PC world, the only one who appreciates a good...
Attack of the Mezcal Worms

Attack of the Mezcal Worms

My first taste of mezcal came on the heels of trying to force down a potent homemade batch of what was essentially botulism mixed...

Rhythm and Booze: The Top 86 Drinking Songs

This list was selected from over 5,000 songs about alcohol. Ranking is based on longevity, popularity, originality and controversy. Thanks goes out to the...
Six Circles of Hangover Hill

The Six Circles of Hangover Hell

1st Circle: The Ducked Bullet No pain. No real feeling of illness. Your sleep was deep and all those carbo-loaded beers have gifted you...

Palace of the Drunkard

Remember running through the streets, drunk on whiskey vomiting from the joint smoked at the taxi queue, stealing newspapers at dawn it was my birthday you were there but— I...

Aggravated Alcoholic Amnesia: Blackout Strategies

What happens when a person loses consciousness from consuming large doses of alcohol? What are the dos and don’ts of a black out? How do...

Hooch And the Hunt

There’s a rite of passage I was fortunate enough to experience as a boy on my way to becoming a man. This ritual educated me...

The Wingman’s Handbook

The wingman is arguably the noblest creature to ever step into a barroom. Who else, with cavalier disregard for his personal reputation, is so willing...

The Greatest Drunk on Earth: Andre the Giant

Do you have a favorite drunkard? Some amazing man or woman, past or present, who stands colossus-like atop the Big Keg, the ground below littered...

Drunkard of the Issue #58: Dan Dunn

Many dream of drinking for a living, but Dan Dunn actually pulls it off. Author of the hard-drinking classics Living Loaded and Nobody Likes...

Boozing With The Bomb

AUGUST 6 1945: Less than an hour after an atom bomb flattened Hiroshima, the nattily-attired barmen of the Washington Press Club began shaking up...
Salamander Brandy

Strange Brews: Salamander Brandy

Slovenia is an oft-overlooked nation of two million people in central Europe. Among its contributions to humanity are dazzling architecture, fine pastries, and a...

Cocktail Power

Dr. Cocktail knows what you’re drinking. And he wishes you would pause for a moment and reconsider that vodka/ Kool-Aid combo you’re throwing together, and...

Drunkard of the Issue #55: Mojo Nixon

You lived in Denver in the early ‘80s. Did you do some drinking then? Oh, hell yeah. Those were the wild and woolly days. I...

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