Modern Drunkard's Field Guide to Drinking with a Mask




Drunkard of the Issue Aug 02: Patrick “Cooter” Nigh

“Seven shots in five minutes. That was my breakfast, lunch and dinner.” The Usual: Natural Light and mini-charges (Red Bull and Jagermeister). You get drunk and...

Rise Of the Dives

Night falls on San Francisco's bustling North Beach district as tourists, flesh peddlers and hipsters troll the sidewalks beneath an ashen sky. I maneuver past...
Woody Woodbury

Woody Woodbury: High Holy Man of Hooch

In the early 60s Woody Woodbury reigned as the High Priest of Liquor Culture. His headquarters was a famous watering hole in Fort Liquordale (Fort...

King For A Day

“Only winos drink on Sundays.” Offered to partake on the Sabbath, Viddi Golbranson would take offence, although he   put in an appearance at The...

Drunkard of the Issue Jan 07: Mike Ruffino

If playing bass for the notorious Unband, penning Gentlemanly Repose, the finest drunk-rock book ever written, and starring in the film We Like to...

Drunkard of the Issue Oct 05: Boyd Rice

Author, musician, actor, filmmaker, counter-culture icon and Tiki Bar designer Boyd Rice reveals what alcohol has taught him. First taste: 1961. I was in kindergarten....

The Dry Piper

William Wilson was, by his own account and those of others, a degenerate alcoholic. After a quasi-religious epiphany, he “cured” himself and went on to...

The Invisible King

Rory Stark was expelled from Burton Bartending College one week before graduation. He was expelled for refusing to demonstrate his knowledge of “the new...

Blacked Out and Blue

I’ve always thought of hangovers as alcohol’s vengeful (and quite punctual) older brother. If you picked on his sibling long enough you could expect big...
Czech Your Liver

Czech Your Liver at the Border

Ian Stewart is not the type of guy who drinks to forget. But for this British software designer, it only took one night, three shots,...

Ten Reasons Why the GABF Sucks

1.) The One-Ounce Pours You cannot grasp the character of a beer from a one-ounce pour. It's akin to licking a steak. Furthermore, even if...

Ladies Thirst, Part 1

If you read enough of the historical articles in this publication you   might start getting the idea that women didn’t used to drink. Which...

Rules Of The Road Trip

When you combine a huge sprawling country, an instinctive love of automobiles and an even greater love of booze, it was only natural the...

Lets Go Get Drunk: Eastern Europe

Foreign travel and booze were made for each other. Why? Because alcohol is perhaps the single most effective means of bringing together people of different...

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