A Killer Drink

What you drink can say a lot about you—for better or worse. It seems that, with astonishing frequency, murderers tend to be connected with...

Lush Lit Book Reviews: Girl Gone Mild

Girl Gone Mild Smashed by Koren Zailckas Viking Press I was sold on the title alone: Smashed, a term that brings warmth to the heart of a...

8 Hours in a Barroom

5:45 pm You’ll just stop in the bar for a quick one after work. 6:10 pm Just one more beer to relieve the stress. I...

All Hail the Piano Bar!

You can’t pump your fist in the air to rock favorites forever, although Lord knows, some boomers and busters will try.   There are those who...
Quest for the Perfect Cocktail

The Quest for the Perfect Cocktail

The legendary libation was allegedly devised by an 18th-century alchemist/adventurer named Marquis Ferdinand D’Etatis, the very same ‘Mad Marquis’ who led the famous grog...

40 Rock-Solid Reasons to Get Drunk Tonight

1. If you don't drink that booze, by God, someone else will. 2. The brewing industry alone employs 1.7 million people and that's a lot...

Best Bar

During my long tenure as a callow youth, few things excited me more than charging from bar to bar in hot pursuit of that...

The 12 Staggering Steps

The major difference between a drunk and an alcoholic, as the saying goes, is we drunks don’t go to meetings. Oh, we may go...

The Qingdao Beer Festival Is Evil…

Qingdao (pronounced Ching-dao), is located in the northeast Chinese province of Shandong. The city of three million is famous for three things: sailing, meat...

The Lost Art of Staggering

Staggering, I mean really staggering, is rapidly becoming a lost art. In fact, in this modern PC world, the only one who appreciates a good...
I Drink the World: The Charles H. Baker Jr. Story

I Drink the World: The Charles H. Baker Jr. Story

When asked what he liked to drink, which was often, Charles H. Baker could have replied with great authority: "I Drink the World." Which probably...
Barhopping Guide

The Drunkard’s Guide to Barhopping

The difference between a proper evening of bar hopping and a night of being rooted in a single bar is the same difference between...

Boozer’s Burden

“You should be very careful when drinking. It is very easy to become an alcoholic.” Variations on that theme seem to endlessly echo through a...
Rory Mack's The Hell You Say

The Hell You Say: Brutally Honest Reviews of All Things Boozed

Drink Like a Grown-Up By The League of Extraordinary Drinkers Truer Title: Drink Like a Smug Hipster The book starts out well enough— raising a hue and...

Boozing with the Band: Vadge Moore and Matt Skiba

Esoteric writer, punk rock legend, and drunkard of extraordinary prowess, Satan's drinking buddy Vadge Moore waxes intoxicated on the beauty of booze. First taste from...

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