Madman About Town: Kingsley Amis

Kingsley Amis did not care what people thought of his drinking. He was a grand old man of English letters, a comic master, recipient of...

Know Your Bartender

Bartenders are a special breed of cat. They are more than mere dispensers of alcohol, if that was the sum of their worth they would...

The Art Of The Shot

"Let’s do a shot." Are there four words in the drunkard’s vocabulary more heartening than those? Four simple words, yet so packed with drama and...

10 Best Things About Booze

1. It shines a light in the darkness. “When I need a light inside me, I walk into a pub and drink 15 pints of...

The Dry Piper

William Wilson was, by his own account and those of others, a degenerate alcoholic. After a quasi-religious epiphany, he “cured” himself and went on to...

Nixing the Twist: Swimming with Sharks

Jimmy goes swimming the the Shark. Excerpt from 16mm MDM 1998 feature film Nixing the Twist. Players Jimmy: Luke Schmaltz Happy: Karen Exley Director Frank Kelly Rich
Clash of the Tightest

Bout 7: Ruth Vs. Faulkner & Bout 8: Bogart Vs. Martin

This installment completes the culling of the original herd of 16 super hoochers into a hard-drinking eight. Last month we witnessed Charles Bukowski’s psychological destruction...

Good Cop, MADD Cop: How to Avoid a DUI

Former Police Officer Tim Stone doesn’t look like the kind of cop you want to get pulled over by when you’ve been drinking deep...

Rules Of The Road Trip

When you combine a huge sprawling country, an instinctive love of automobiles and an even greater love of booze, it was only natural the...

Dead Drunk in Detroit

In the second installment of MDM’s Great Drinking Cities tour, correspondent Nick Plumber throws down in the booziest bars and bowling alleys of Motown.  Sunday Denver...

The Poured Sweet and Clear

My name is Pepe Le Moko. I live in the Casbah. Each morning from my balcony overlooking the marketplace I sing, “For Every Man...

Confessions of a Jack Lawyer

Lawyers and drinking have held hands since the early history of the nation and that tradition continues with my friend and colleague, a lawyer...

The Fine Art of the Free Drink

“Oh, the rapturous, wild, and ineffable pleasure of drinking at somebody else's expense.” —Henry Sambrooke Leigh Does anything taste as sweet as a free drink? What...
Natty Light

Strange Brews: Natty Light

“Natty” (or “Unnatural Light,” as it’s also called) has long been the unofficial beer of students and the cash-strapped everywhere. As the market analysts say,...

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