True Alcohol Action!

Helmsman of the notorious publishing company Feral House,  Adam Parfrey has been called “America's Most Dangerous Publisher.” Mr. Parfrey would prefer, however, to be...

The Bartender Strikes Back

The rush of the night hits. I'm singing I Fought the Law while slinging a hula hoop around my waist and juggling five burning...

When Booze Ads Go Bad

I've Trained It to Go Right for the Eyes. Probably the only instance in advertising history where the customer is menaced with a bird of...

The Great Escape

Not that long ago I heard a famous man say something like this on TV: "The alcoholic is a child, someone who can never...

10 Best Things About Booze

1. It shines a light in the darkness. “When I need a light inside me, I walk into a pub and drink 15 pints of...

Defending Dionysus

It’s a flat-out fact that alcohol, and those of us who like to imbibe it, are reviled by a healthy percentage of Americans. Since the...

Hello! My Name is Pancho

Hello! My name is Pancho. I have come to spit up on your carpet. Hello! My name is Pancho These are my friends. They like your beer, And...
Booze is My Co-Pilot

Booze Is My Copilot

Lately, many of my friends are airline pilots. And airline pilots, as everyone knows, are drunks. These friends aren't the bad kind of drunk...

A Guide to Manly Drinks

If you're a man aged anywhere from 21 to 35, I've got some sobering news for you. Your Grandmother is a better drinker than...

All Hail the Piano Bar!

You can’t pump your fist in the air to rock favorites forever, although Lord knows, some boomers and busters will try.   There are those who...

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