26 Questions with Doug Stanhope

1 What are you drinking these days? Let’s just go with this day. Four mimosas and now have switched to whiskey with a tiny splash...

Dive Bar Confidential

“You’re only as good as the bars they let you drink in.” I don’t remember who muttered those words, or in what dive, or how...

Bout 5: Jim “Lizard King” Morrison Vs. Carson “Keep ‘Em Coming” McCullers

Who is the greatest boozer of all time? We've posed that question before. In 2002 we  resurrected 16 of the history's hardest-pounding hoochers and squared them...

Under the Influence: Charles Bukowski, High Laureate of Cheap Booze

At age 13, Charles Bukowski took his first drink. “It was magic,” he would later write. “Why hadn’t someone told me?” It was the beginning of...

Under the Influence: Denver Joe Vasquez, Drink Up and Be Somebody

The title of this article was first slurred into a microphone by Merle Haggard in 1967—but when I wandered into Denver’s Cricket on the...

Drunkard of the Issue #62: JT Habersaat

Comic JT Habersaat confronts the status quo like a true punk rocker: with venom, intelligence, a skewed perspective and a stiff drink in his...

The Drinking Dead, Part IV: What Rough Beast

Click for Part One, Part Two or Three. In the flickering candlelight I poured a Guinness from the tap, drank it straight down, poured another,...

The Updated 86 Rules of Boozing

1. If you owe someone money, always pay them back in a bar. Preferably during Happy Hour. 2. Always toast before doing a shot. Whoever...

Under the Influence: Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, Whiskey Evangelist

Hunter Stockton Thompson was a singular sort of creature—this, dear reader, you already knew. Uncompromising in both his work and way of life, he left...

Know Your Booze: Evan Williams Bourbon

As you may have noticed, bourbon is a big deal again. It started less than a decade ago. Obscure brands with weird names like Pappy...

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