Modern Drunkard's Field Guide to Drinking with a Mask




I Am Rotgut Man

Give me the worst bourbon you got. No, I don’t want to hear the speech the Maker’s Mark rep taught you, I want what...

Pass the Buckie

Maligned, despised, and nearly banned in Scotland. Buckfast Tonic Wine had a rare moment of glory on May 14th, 2016­—the first World Buckfast Day. A...

Rise Of the Dives

Night falls on San Francisco's bustling North Beach district as tourists, flesh peddlers and hipsters troll the sidewalks beneath an ashen sky. I maneuver past...

Postcards from Skid Row #62

Untitled Champagne is giggly and bourbon is quiet vodka is stealthy, tequila a riot wine comes from Cana and rum from the pirate and beer is for breakfast—try...

The Fire Inside: The Great Drunkards and What They Drank

For Whom the Booze Tolls It was a local blacksmith who introduced a young Ernest Hemingway to the world of drinking, giving him a glass...

September: 365 Reasons To Get Drunk

September 1 Labor Day. “A person can work up a mean mean thirst after a hard day of nothin’ much.” —Replacements. Working Man’s Zinfandel 2 oz tequila 2...
Barhopping Guide

The Drunkard’s Guide to Barhopping

The difference between a proper evening of bar hopping and a night of being rooted in a single bar is the same difference between...

The Lush Lexicon: Buzz Words for Booze Heads

“Hey, slop jaw, quit boozgarting the felony juice so we can finish frontloading and get our fade on.” Confused? You should be. Bar slang is...

Lush Lit Book Reviews: Girl Gone Mild

Girl Gone Mild Smashed by Koren Zailckas Viking Press I was sold on the title alone: Smashed, a term that brings warmth to the heart of a...

Bold Crow

Tom really needed a drink. Vodka, Scotch, gin, it really didn't matter, even a beer or a cheap Chablis. He hadn't had anything to drink...
Choctaw Beer

Strange Brews: Choctaw Beer

Before he was known across the country as Pretty Boy Floyd, the outlaw Charles Floyd was known in his Eastern Oklahoma hometown as “Choc.” This...

So You Want to Write a Cocktail Guide!

Good for you! But be aware that there is already a massive, ever-growing zombie horde of cocktail guides out there, so you'll need a fresh...
Dead End Drinks

Dead End Drinks

The alcohol industry is forever foisting new “sensations” on the drinking public. They come and go. Designer vodkas flash and fade like hastily assembled boy...

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