Nixing the Twist: The Four Rules

There are four rules to being an enforcer. Excerpt from 16mm MDM 1998 feature film Nixing the Twist. Players Jimmy: Luke Schmaltz Happy: David Gayman Victim: Mike V Director Frank Kelly Rich

Cheers! A Short History of the Toast

As much as we might sling around the phrase “Judeo-Christian,” most of us are pagans at heart. Scratch modernity, find paganism lurking underneath. Take toasts,...

October: 365 Reasons To Get Drunk

October 1 The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson and world-class drunkard Ed McMahon debuted (1962). Hi-yooooo! Bourbon in a coffee cup. 2 Groucho Marx’s Birthday (1890)....
Hacking new vegas

Hacking New Vegas: Weird scenes from DEFCON

“I'm sorry, sir,” says the walleyed clerk, “I don't have the keys to that. We'll have to wait.” I take out my flask and show...

Bullfights, Whores and Tequila: An Interview with Avant-Garde Filmmaker Larry Wessel

In a genre crowded with self-styled mavericks and eccentrics, Larry Wessel manages to stand head and shoulders above other documentary filmmakers.   Figuratively and literally. An...

40 Things Every Drunkard Should Do Before He Dies

A man is, ultimately, the sum of his accomplishments. Each culture, of course, has a different idea as to what rates as an accomplishment. Muslims,...

February: 365 Reasons to Get Drunk

February 1 Boris Yeltsin’s Birthday (1931). Doing multiple shots of vodka on stage was one of his populist campaign tricks. Chilled double Stolis. 2 Groundhog Day....

The Great Drunk: Lushing Large with Jackie Gleason, Part 1

Jackie Gleason drank up life in huge, full-throated swallows — straight-up, no mixer, and the tab was on him. And when I say life,...

November: 365 Reasons To Get Drunk

November 1 Dia de los Muertos (Mexican). Raise a drink to lost friends. Dead Guy Ale. 2 Festival of Odin (Norse). Vikings believed they went on...

Know Your Bartender

Bartenders are a special breed of cat. They are more than mere dispensers of alcohol, if that was the sum of their worth they would...

Drunkard of the Issue #53: Kevin Carpenter

The personal trainer, musician and former bike courier known as The Beast describes the beauty of the shooter and the importance of drinking everyday. First...

Above and Beyond Last Call: Medals for Boozing Beyond the Call of Duty

Blackout Brigade Medal of Merit Motto: “I won’t remember you.” Long after lesser drunks have staggered off to bed, these valorous boozers shout: “Yes, I will...

The King Is Dead, Long Live the King

“Without heroes, we are all plain people and don’t know how far we can go.” — Bernard Malamud I heard the news in a bar....

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