Waiting for the Punch

Waiting for the Punch

Act One “Mr. Talbot wants to talk to you.” “What for? I haven’t done anything.” “He’s waiting for you right now.” A half-empty pint of vodka sat on...

Weapons of Mass Inebriation

Alcohol is much more than a sure cure for sobriety. Cast a gaze back into the mists of history and you'll see wine, beer and...

A Kick Head in the Head

The Oasis Grill was the most god-awful depressing place he had ever been, and he’d been in a lot of god-awful depressing places. It...

Are You An Alcoholic?

MDM's Editor Frank Kelly Rich takes a crack at the AA questionnaire. 1.) Have you ever decided to stop drinking for a week or so,...

October: 365 Reasons To Get Drunk

October 1 The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson and world-class drunkard Ed McMahon debuted (1962). Hi-yooooo! Bourbon in a coffee cup. 2 Groucho Marx’s Birthday (1890)....

The Great Drunk: Lushing Large with Jackie Gleason, Part 1

Jackie Gleason drank up life in huge, full-throated swallows — straight-up, no mixer, and the tab was on him. And when I say life,...

Bar Signs

Let us drink off the same tab like brothers. Because I think I can drink more than you.Insert a drink here. And I’ll stop staring...

Nixing the Twist: The Four Rules

There are four rules to being an enforcer. Excerpt from 16mm MDM 1998 feature film Nixing the Twist. Players Jimmy: Luke Schmaltz Happy: David Gayman Victim: Mike V Director Frank Kelly Rich
Enemies of Alcohol

MADD Dog and an Englishman

Giles Humbert III sits down with MADD spokesman Roger Hughes. That's right, he's mad, he's a mother, and he's a man. Modern Drunkard Magazine: You...
San Fran

San Fran: Bombed by the Bay

Built by drunk miners and called home by some of America’s most famous hoochers, the City by the Bay possesses a rich history steeped...

The Subtle Art of Beer Snobbery

While wine snobs have blighted the earth for thousands of years (you can bet there was at least one guy curling his lip at...

Rhythm and Booze: The Top 86 Drinking Songs

This list was selected from over 5,000 songs about alcohol. Ranking is based on longevity, popularity, originality and controversy. Thanks goes out to the...

The War on Booze

The War on Booze is nothing new. We're all familiar with the reign of terror called Prohibition. Going further back, temperance leagues have scolded and...

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