1. Sadly, very sadly – at the tender young age of 61 (being a 1961 baby), I have only done SIX of the forty –

    #14 – I dearly love my home bar – with booze themed neon signs that I got from a liquor store. The bar is always open, and never out of booze.

    $18 – the Anheuser Busch brewery in Williamsburg VA isn’t that far away – and when I went 20++ years ago you would get two free samples!! wonderful. When my brother was a college student in Williamsburg, they gave away even more free samples.

    #19 – gosh, what can I say? Maybe I was drinking too much when this happened !! LOL

    #22 – I think it’s fair to say I’ve hit this milestone

    # 29 – at the bar “Apocalypse Now” in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, I’ve become a friend of the owner such that we go out to dinner at a nice restaurant every time I’m in town, and he’s given me a 10% discount card (he has a ‘frequent flyer program’ of sorts, at the Red (5%), Silver (10%), and Gold (15% discount) levels, generally only the ‘revenue girls’ on his staff have earned the right to have a 15% card, so I feel pretty lucky to qualify at the 10% level

    # 33 – a favorite old restaurant of mine had stacks of cardbord beer cases stored just next to the restroom. as mentioned above, the taste of stolen liquor is just so sweet – it was easy in this instance to grab a bottle, jump into the restroom, chug it down, place the empty in the bottom of the trash, and go back to your table. I always tipped well . . . . .

    I am embarrassed to only have accomplished six. I still long to go to the grave of Henry Stimson, out on Long Island, and attempt #6. Stimson’s wikipedia writeup very clearly states his involvement and vision of the use of Atomic weaponry, and he gives a great answer to the question of which US President he served under was “the best”.


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