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October 2: World No Alcohol Day


It’s World No Alcohol Day. Yeah. In 2008, the World Health Organization, perhaps the most active and powerful neo-prohibitionist cabal on Earth, ramrodded this through one of their gala meetings in Switzerland. Now let me tell you something about the W.H.O.. They’re one of those “The End Justify the Means” groups, meaning they are willing to aggressively manipulate as many “studies” as necessary to get alcohol banned on a global level. I mean, some of the studies they’ve trumpeted were based on five hand-selected subjects. Five. Right up front they tell researchers that they’ll only dish out grant money if the study arrives at the conclusion it wants. That’s how they’re rolling. So today, raise an extra drink to make up for the suckers deluded by these scoundrels. In fact, let’s rename this day. Let’s call it World Drinking Truth to Power Day.

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