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October 1: Johnny Carson Takes Over the Tonight Show


On this day in 1962, Johnny Carson took the helm of The Tonight Show. Hi-yo! I know there were hosts before and since, but Johnny is the only one that matters. I remember watching him when I was a tyke, and while I didn’t completely understand everything they were talking about, I did understand about half the guests were intoxicated to one degree or another. They must have had one helluva green room. I mean, fully stocked. Was there a bartender? I’d believe it. Go on YouTube and watch some of the old shows and see for yourself. The show was loose, it was fun, it was a little goofy, it was real. Nowadays, I don’t know. I think I watched an episode, it was Kimmel or Fallon, who can tell, and they were making a big deal of drinking shots of beer on the air. Yeah. Beer. Whoop-dee-do. Freaking amateur hour.

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