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October 3: Explain Yourself Day


It’s Explain Yourself Day. That’s right. So, I’ve been getting emails wondering why oh why are there sometimes missing words and misspellings if one listens to or reads the Today’s Reason to Drink early in the morning, then they are mostly corrected a bit later on. Mostly. I mean, what gives? Well, please allow me to explain myself. I usually lash these together late at night after a little, or a lot of drinking, when I’m in the proper mood, when the juices are flowing, as it were. And when you’re in that state, you don’t have the least amount of patience for spell checking and editing and that sort of thing. Then, when I lurch awake in the morning, I eventually get around to fixing all the mistakes. Most of them, anyway. Write drunk, edit sober, isn’t that what Papa Hemingway said? Write drunk, edit hungover is probably what he meant, but let’s not start putting words in the great man’s mouth. So, try to find an opportunity to explain yourself today. It’s a nice feeling to get it off your chest.

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