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Episode 4: Tiki Drinks With Karl Christian Krumpholz


Your hosts: Frank Kelly Rich (Founder and Editor of MDM) and Nick Plumber (Poetry Editor and Travel Writer for MDM).

Special guest: Karl Christian Krumpholz, creator of the Byron comic book series, illustrator for MDM and alleged Tiki expert.

Featuring: Tiki drinks: Are Instructions Really Necessary?, Frank Continues His Seemingly Never-Ending Rant Against Fancy Bars and Their Fancy Drinks, Karl Names Names, Tiki Town Should be an Idiocracy, Nick Doesn’t Know How to Pronounce Curaçao and Nor Does He Care, Dishing the Dirt on CA Tiki Bars, Why Do So Few Tiki Bars Rarely Get the Music Right?, Frank’s Adventures at Frankie’s Tiki Bar in LV, When Does the Hurting Stop and the Healing Start?, etc.

Recorded in the Tiki Room of Modern Drunkard HQ after and while drinking a handle of Bacardi, some sort of vodka and various macrobrews. Music by Barstool Messiah.

Do you have a suggestion for a future topic of discussion or perhaps a specific drinking-related question to ask Frank and Nick? Send it to [email protected]


  1. Your show fucking rocks. Puts me in a great mood and gives me a happy and positive outlook on life in general. Keep up the great work! Cincin!


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