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Episode 3: Bloody Marys and Martinis With Sara Fischer


Your hosts: Frank Kelly Rich (Founder and Editor of MDM) and Nick Plumber (Poetry Editor and Travel Writer for MDM).

Special guest: Sara Fischer, divetender extraordinaire and rock and roll singer for The Manxx.

Featuring: Bloody Mary Architecture, Barroom Etiquette, A Poor Job of Answering Earnest Listener’s Queries, Drinking Is the War Against Death, Losing Your Mind Is Sometimes a Good Thing,  Plus 40% More Boozy Blathering Than Usual.

Recorded at Modern Drunkard HQ after and while drinking a handle of Monopolwa vodka and various macrobrews. Music by The Manxx.

Do you have a suggestion for a future topic of discussion or perhaps a specific drinking-related question to ask Frank and Nick? Send it to [email protected]


  1. Booze and death: All alcohol has its origin in fermentation, which is a process of decay. Also, the main word for distilled liquor in western culture is “water of life” = “uisge beatha” “aquavit” “eau de vie” So alcohol is in its way already a fight against death, by transforming decay and rotting into new life and joy.

  2. Enjoyed this one as much as the last 2 and the extended length is a plus.

    Might be worth looking into a “link dump” to the drinks/cocktails you are enjoying (plus some other stuff you discuss). I’ve seen it on other podcasts and it’s handy for keeping up with conversations.

  3. Can I say what relief to get a person that really knows what they’re preaching about on the web. So many people misunderstand alcohol.


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