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Episode 5: Gin and Tonics With Sid Pink


Your hosts: Frank Kelly Rich (Founder and Editor of MDM) and Nick Plumber (Poetry Editor and Travel Writer for MDM).

Special guest: Impresario Sid Pink, MC of most MDM conventions.

Featuring: Hooray for HST Death Day, Why Nick Hates Gin, It’s Purim!, Why Makers Mark Got Stomped Like a Rat in a Closet, Nick Takes the Neo-Drys to School, Scenes from the Worldwide War Against Alcohol, Outrage!, Product Reviews: The Home Gin Kit, Nurse Noni’s Hangover Sucks, Happy Hour Vitamins, The Mennonites Would Like You to Stop Having Fun, Now, 10 Million Years of Drinking, Spit Beer, The So-Called, Highly-Disputed Ackroyd Effect, When the Gibberish Goes to Long, We’ll Fade Into Song.

Recorded in the Tiki Room of Modern Drunkard HQ after and while drinking a handle of Gordon’s Gin and various macrobrews. Music by Ralph Steadman and Hunter S. Thompson.

Do you have a suggestion for a future topic of discussion or perhaps a specific drinking-related question to ask Frank and Nick? Send it to [email protected]



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