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Episode 8: White Russians with Adam Pittman

Your hosts: Frank Kelly Rich (Founder & Editor of MDM) and Nick Plumber (Poetry Editor and Travel Writer for MDM).

Special guest: Adam Pittman.

Music: Drunken Disturbance by Spiv.

Featuring:  Featuring: Kickoff Review: New Castle Caledonian, Haxxed the Recipe, bro!, Spain Wants to Ban Drunk Walking, France Wants to Ban Modern Drunkard, Ignore the Mess, The Fascists Want to Take Away Our Powdered Alcohol Before We Even Get Our Hands on Any, The Brutal Hammer: Newsletter of the Resistance, Government Studi es and Other Lies, A Million Years of Drinking, Newtown Pippen Cider Review, Haxxing Cocktails Redux, Phase Two, The State of Drinking at DEFCON, Hangover Science, Break Time, What We Say When We Think the Microphone Is Off, Why Is There No HST Festival in Colorado?, Stalking HST,  Drizly Review, Mo’ Work, Mo’ Whiskey, Going Postal, Flavored Whiskies: Outrage or Abomination?, The Bacon & Festival, Who’s Hitler? You’re Hitler!, Naming Names: The Blacklist of Shame, How to Make a Sputnik, The 11oz Rip Off, NoHo Review, Why Are We Talking About the Fucking Hunger Games? The Future of Boozing, Eventually We’re Going to Have to Fight the Robots, and so, so much more.

Recorded at Cherry Sound Studios after and while drinking White Russians and various micro and macrobrews.


  1. I just discovered your site today and I think y’all are awesome! Wish I could hang with y’all. I’m def a drunkard, and I’m having trouble finding people who can hang with me. I hate when I meet some people and they ask me to go out for “a drink.” A single drink. Why? That’s like eating one grain of rice. I live in Baltimore and I’d love to meet some fellow drunkards! If anyone is interested reply back to this comment :)


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