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Episode 10: Gin and Rum with Jeff Mehrens

Your hosts: Frank Kelly Rich (Founder & Editor of MDM) and Nick Plumber (Poetry Editor and Travel Writer for MDM).

Special guest:  Jeff Mehrens, President & Founder of The League of Inebriated Gentlemen.

Music: Drunken Disturbance by Spiv.

Featuring: The League and All Its Good Works for Humanity, Drinking in Trailer Fancy Parks, The Upcoming HST Museum, Of Passing Out on Celebrity Graves, When They Frame Your Face with a Toilet Seat, Road Trips, The Microdistillery Revolution, Drinking and Pedaling, The Robots Must Be Stopped, Your Hangovers Are Preparing You for Cancer, Bar Stories, Trigger Warnings and Micro Aggressions Galore, Shutting Down Drunk Town, Underage Drinking Stories, Liquors We Love and Not So Much, Alcohol Use Disorderers Unanimous, The Super Fantastico Modern Drunkard Tiki Bar & Boozeum, Alcohol and Amtrak, Drinking in Phoenix, Ancient Bennigans, The Drunkard’s Path, Sidewalks of the Future, Kids are the Death of Tweeting, Are You Prepared for Litigation, Sir?

Recorded at Cherry Sound Studios after and while drinking Tanqueray Gin, Appleton Rum and various micro and macrobrews.

Do you have a suggestion for a future topic of discussion or perhaps a specific drinking-related question to ask Frank and Nick? Send it to [email protected]


  1. Love it you’re back to podcasts after 2 years hiatus….next issue when? check the chart….hasn’t moved in a year.


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