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September 14: Amy Jade Winehouse’s birthday


It’s Amy Jade Winehouse’s birthday. Born in 1983, this English singer/songwriter’s 1960s girl band look, intelligent, edgy lyrics and deeply soulful voice shook up the music industry in the oughts. And she was consistent. If there’s a bad song on either of her albums, I’ll be damned if I can find it. As I’m sure you know, Amy liked a drink. Unfortunately, to a fault. Her wild lifestyle kept her face in the tabloids, and her friends said she was a lot of fun until she finished her 15th drink or so, then she tended to lean toward fistfights, random destruction and illicit drugs. They tried to make her go to rehab, and after saying no, no, no, she actually went a couple times. But alas, she joined the 27 Club, that storied group of singers, actors and artists who died at that age, in 2011. So tell Alexa to play “Back to Black,” and raise a vodka, her favorite tipple, to Amy Jade. 

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  1. Thanks, i really like Amy’s material (hard not to) and just her in general. Could you guys fit in that old British drunkard tv show chef sometime in the one of the days?


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