This inebriate entrepreneur has spent the past year touring the country, promoting his movie and the fabulous Gray Kangaroo, the world’s first personal liquor filter. Here’s how he does it.


What do you like and dislike about drinking on the road? There is an incredible charm to riding on the highway, in the middle of the night, in the living room of a converted school bus and putting away a bottle of whiskey with some of the sharpest thinkers and most dynamic personalities in the country. The guys I work with are really sharp and multi-talented, but still dumb enough to consistently get into misadventures. On the downside, ice is scarce and some states have real boner liquor laws which are a pain in the ass to work around because I’m give away free booze at bars as a promotion. Also, I often have to hide liquor from my co-workers.

When you know when you’ve had too much: When I start taking a very serious interest in a girl’s pets, how she cares for them and what their names are. That’s when it’s time to load me onto a hand truck and cart me back to the bus.

What makes a good bar great: I drink a lot of weird shit, I like Campari, Monte Alban Mezcal and I’m developing a taste for Soju. So it has to have a good selection. There are Korean bars in NYC which have ginseng infused liquor and a Russian bar that has dozens of different kinds of infused vodka. I like weird shit like that. No sports on TV. Actually, no TV at all. And no fucking DJ, just non-commercial radio. When you listen to good radio at a bar it gets the whole bar in touch with something larger without being obtrusive like sports. I’ll pay $8 for a drink, but I expect it to be worth it. If I pay $5 for 1oz shot of whiskey I’m gonna freak out.

The perfect bartender: There’s this guy in Brooklyn he works at a bar that I have infrequently drank at since I was 17. I go in there once a year and he always remembers my name. It’s uncanny. He’s a total pro, which is the most important thing. Bartenders are in the service industry. There shouldn’t be any complaining or pretense, just service. A lot of people can’t get their moron egos past the realities of the service industry.

Would you rather drink with God or the Devil: I think they would both be ball
busters. Certainly not God: overly positive stuff gives me a headache. I don’t want to be weeping at the beauty of creation over my wine. Then I’d realize I was drinking the blood of his son, and that seems neither polite nor hygienic.

Dream bender team: Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks and Keith Richards. It’d be a long month. Sinatra, George Burns, Johnny Paycheck and Hitchcock would be my second team

Do you think the Gray Kangaroo will save humanity or just revolutionize drinking? Both and much, much more. It will take the stigma out of being an alcoholic of modest means. Moneyed alcoholics go at it every night and are fine in the morning, not because they’re special, but because they’re drinking more refined booze. A broke alcoholic gets the best stuff he or she can afford and pays for it in the next morning. The Gray Kangaroo filters out the crap and allows the drunk to face the morning with a clear mind and a strong heart.

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