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July 27: National Scotch Day


It’s National Scotch Day. Also? It’s National Bagpipe Day. And what goes together better than Scotch and bagpipes? It’s like bourbon and hillbilly music, PBR and punk rock, pinot grigio and the French horn, a jug of Boone’s Farm and ’60s psychedelia. Did you know that Scotland exports an astonishing one billion bottles of scotch a year? Staggers the imagination, doesn’t it? And guess who the biggest importer is. Not America, we’re a distant second at 120 million bottles. Are you ready to be surprised? Go ahead, take a guess. I’ll wait. You’re wrong! It’s France! The French guzzle down nearly 200 million bottles every year. You know, I’m going to have to take back that crack I made about French horns. Instead, we’ll say pinot grigio and the pan flute. That seems about right.

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