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Episode 1: Absinthe with Shorts McGraw


Your hosts: Frank Kelly Rich (Founder and Editor of MDM) and Nick Plumber (Poetry Editor and Travel Writer for MDM).

Special guest: Shorts McGraw.

Featuring: Why American Absinthe Sucks, Space Booze, The Enemies of Alcohol, Booze News, What Defines a Dive, Dive Extinction Theory,  Last Shot Before the End of the World and Mucho Boozy Incoherence.

Recorded at Cherry Sound Studios after and while drinking a bottle of Absinthe King of Spirits Gold. Music by King Rat.

Do you have a suggestion for a future topic of discussion or perhaps a specific drinking-related question to ask Frank and Nick? Send it to [email protected]

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  1. Dive bars do not need to smell of pee, however, if it’s really a dive bar, the fact that it does not reek of urine should be immediately noticeable and worthy of comment. This is the true test. Chin-Chin.


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