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November 14: Lulu Day


It’s Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day. A.K.A. LuLu Day. Yeah, it’s really a thing. And do you know what’s really good at loosing and lightening you up? You guessed right. It’s booze. It’s one of the ten best things about alcohol. Whenever you find yourself uptight and stressed out, have a drink. Suddenly the weight of the world shifts a little off your neck, not much, but enough to notice. Then you have another and, you know, things still suck, but it isn’t the end of the world. Then you have a third and a sliver of light pierces the gloom, and you can actually make out the dim shapes of some of the good things around you. Six or seven more down the pipe and—Shazam!—you’re not only out of that pit of gloom, you’ve somehow managed to leap atop some gaudy and magnificent peak, surrounded by vast rolling plains of hope and opportunity. Oh, sure, there will always be those who will shrill that it is false optimism driven by a chemical reaction in the brain, but so what? As any motivational speaker will tell you, a positive attitude, attained by whatever means, is the first step toward accomplishing anything of value. Where there’s hooch, there’s hope.

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