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June 24: World UFO Day


It’s World UFO Day. June 24th was chosen because on this day in 1947, aviator Kenneth Arnold witnessed nine unidentified flying objects performing acrobatic stunts near Mt. Rainier. For the first time, such an event would be widely reported, and the UFO spotting craze was on. So, is there a link between UFO sightings and drinking? There may be. According to a 2014 report which examined the 90,000 reported UFO sightings in the last 40 years, they tended to spike on Fridays during what we’ll call “The Drinking Hours.” The study tries to suggest that imbibing makes people hallucinate, which as any experienced drinker knows, is nonsense. What’s much more likely is that after a few drinks, as we lift ourselves out of our workaday shells and raise our eyes upward and outward, we become more open-minded and sensitive to data that our straight-jacketed sober minds would suppress with rigid doubt and disbelief. So keep your eyes skyward, drunkards!

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