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June 15: Waylon Jennings’ Birthday

It’s Waylon Jennings’ Birthday. Born in 1937, Waylon was one of the giants of the Outlaw Country movement, contributing many fine songs to the canon. So you’re probably thinking, “Well, I’ll bet he was a king-hell drunkard.” And you’d be wrong. Waylon was more of a devotee to what they used to call Bolivian Marching Powder. Which explains why he didn’t write or sing many drinking songs, and when he did, they generally smacked of dilettantism and/or chagrin. He drank some, but certainly not on the level of his Outlaw Country brethren, or even the more traditional non-outlaw country/western singers. Which just goes to show. Not all drunkards are outlaws, and not all outlaws are drunkards.