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July 14: Bastille Day


It’s Bastille Day. If there ever was a day you should get jail-break crazy on wine, this is it. That’s what the French do, and why not? It’s their Fourth of July. In fact, they call it the Fourteenth of July in France, or National Day, rather than Bastille Day. Also? Contrary to the romanticized popular opinion, the revolutionary militia that stormed the Bastille fortress on this day in 1789 weren’t so much interested in releasing political prisoners as seizing guns and ammunition to fight the royalist and mercenary troops they suspected of getting ready to stage a coup. There were only seven dudes in the entirety of Bastille’s prison, and none of them notable. I think one guy stole a dog, and another one wrote a mean letter to the wrong person. But hey, the seizure of the Bastille led to the end of feudalism and other evils in France, so let’s break out the wine. Joyeux 14 juillet à tous!

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