“I’m supposed to be at work. But then, if I were at work, I’d supposed to be here.”
Chuck explores alternate realities while day-drinking at Brendan’s Pub.

 “Don’t trust a brilliant idea unless it survives the hangover.”
Jimmy B. sagely suppressing his high hopes until around mid-afternoon.

 “If it wasn’t for booze, you’d never have heard of brunch.”
Overheard at Brendan’s Pub at 11am.

Captain Morgan is long overdue for a promotion to Major… or Admiral… or whatever. Something where you salute him a lot.
@Dear_Booze on Twitter.

 A hangover is God’s way of saying, “Good job last night”
@Dear_Booze on Twitter.

 Buy me 1 drink & I’ll listen to your problem. Buy me 2 & I’ll tell you what your problem is. Buy me 3 & I’ll tell you what you want to hear.
@Dear_Booze on Twitter.

 Dear Booze: The floozy at the end of the bar keeps drinking shots. Apparently, I’m not handsome yet.
@Dear_Booze on Twitter.

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