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Bar Signs

Let us drink off the same tab like brothers.
Because I think I can drink more than you.

Insert a drink here.
And I’ll stop staring at you.

Shut your lip and order us a nip.
You’re much prettier when I have a drink in my hand.

I’m going to scam drinks like a bandito.
Tab? I don’t need no stinkin’ tab.

Let us spring up out of our sober shells.
We will soar like drunken eagles.

One on the cuff, old chum?
Just one. Promise

Step up to bat.
It’s your round.

I’m marking your round score.
You’re getting shut out, tightwad.

Too much talk, not enough drinking.
Dude, you’re bringing down the whole party.

I’m nursing a hangover.
If you talk too loud it will bite me.

Take the shot, champ!
Order me one too.

I think you owe me a drink.
You remember, couple weeks ago when you were blacked out.   

Let’s get this guy to buy us a drink.
Do you remember his name?

Thanks for buying me a drink.
I will now retract my claws of death. .

I’ve been waiting for a drink so long I’m growing a beard.
I will use it to strangle the bartender.

Let’s do a round.
What name is your tab under?

You call the shot.
I will follow you to tequila hell, my captain.

I will buy the next round.
After you buy this one. Beer Scouts’ honor.  

You will look more attractive if you buy us shots.
It’s like instant plastic surgery.

Let us spring out of our sober shells.
We shall soar like drunken eagles.  

We’ve got a wide open drink tab.
So long as you agree to sleep with the barmaid.

I’m putting on the beer goggles and going in.
For God’s sake, stop me.

I may get arrested tonight.
Would you like to be an accomplice or a victim?

Alcohol has twisted my tongue.
Nothing I say is true. But I really like you.

No drinkie for you.
Your fun meter has run out.

I would like to take that last shot out of my stomach.
And I might.

If I do one more shot I will vomit.
So make it a good one.

I’m going to make room for another round.
Bring me a bucket.

I have erased my brain.
I am no longer responsible. For anything

  If I walk now, I’ll fall down.
So I’m going to sit here and drink.

 I intend to get four sheets to the wind.
And I need your help.

I am four sheets to the wind.
I will now sail away to Blackout Island

The USS Drunkard is sinking and I’m going down with the ship.
Please don’t step on me.

my mommie?Time to make like Bugs Bunny.
Let’s go bar hopping.

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