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March 23: Lucille Fay LaSueur’s Birthday

It’s Lucille Fay LaSueur’s birthday.  You probably know her as Joan Crawford, the Oscar-winning actress. Which poses the question . . . did Joan drink? Indeed she did. Joan was an old school boozer, in the sense she could put away a parcel of liquor and not show it. Fully functional. She was also old school in that she made it a habit of packing a flask of 100-proof vodka. Like a lot of the actors of the day, she learned early that vodka was the least detectable of the liquors. So she didn’t like wire hangers. Who does? You ask me, they’re a menace. Top quote: “Alcoholism is an occupational hazard of being an actor, of being a widow, and of being alone. And I’m all three.”