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Today’s Reason to Drink: Isaac Newton’s Birthday


On this day in 1643, Isaac Newton was born prematurely to poor and illiterate parents yet managed to become one of the greatest scientific minds in human history. During a particular 18 month stretch he spent hiding out from the Great Plague, he locked himself in a room at his parents’ house and went days at a time without sleep and living on nothing but bread and wine. Author and poet Charles Bukowski would later embrace this exact same work regimen. Arguably the most productive and inspired time of Newton’s life, he managed to invent Calculus and make huge strides in the fields of optics and gravitation. Later in life, Isaac invented a unique way of getting rid of unwanted guests: when they showed up he would open a bottle of wine, sit down at his desk, and drink it while pretending they weren’t there. They’d eventually leave. Recommended drink: Have some bread and wine for lunch and see if you can balance your checkbook.

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