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Today’s Reason to Drink: January 1


Happy New Year! Or, alternatively, as it’s been called around the office, Happy National Hangover Day, or, Happy Day to Show Grit in the Face of Self-Inflicted Adversity. How do you feel? Oh yeah? Well, keep in mind that hangovers are about 35% psychological, and if you can ditch those wholly unnecessary feelings of guilt and remorse, you’ll instantly feel better. Just turn your eyes to the brightening horizon that is the new year and smile, smile, smile. Just grin like an idiot. Furthermore, keep in mind that hangovers are what make we drinkers a tougher breed of character. All that said, Modern Drunkard has investigated a heck of a lot of day-after remedies over the years, and unless you have a tank of oxygen and an eye vee of saline solution on hand, the best way to blunt the beast is re-hydration, ibuprofen and, yes, the hair of the dog. Which brings us to today’s recommended drink. The Bloody Bull. Which is just a bloody mary with a teaspoon of beef bullion shook in. Shake it long and hard: the exercise is just as good for you as the jolt of protein. For more ways to install and defeat hangovers, lurch on over to drunkard.com, and if you want a dose of booze news, point your screen at our sister site brutal hammer dot com.

Frank Kelly Rich
Editor/Publisher of Modern Drunkard Magazine.