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February 22: National Margarita Day


It’s National Margarita Day. You know, there’s a lot of alcoholic-beverage themed “holidays” out there, nearly one for every day of the year. Most are put forth by financially-interested parties, are recognized as such, and fade from view like aging boy bands. Some stick around, however, and this is one of them.  As to the origins of the cocktail, there are many wild stories involving movie stars, wayward daughters of German ambassadors, globe-trotting society dames and so forth, but all that’s known for sure is it emerged as a popular cocktail in the States in the 1940s. Show me a popular cocktail and I’ll show you a muddled history. So have a margarita. Why not? It’s a fun drink. Blender up a batch, tell Alexa to play Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville on loop, and see how long your spouse can stand it. From my observations, the average is about two hours.

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