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Today’s Reason to Drink: December 30

On this day in 1916 Grigori Rasputin, AKA the Mad Monk, was assassinated by Russian nobles who had become jealous of his influence with the Tsar and his family. He was fed enough cyanide-spiked wine to kill six men, partied til the wee hours, then finally succumbed after being shot three times and drowned in an icy river. Before his legendary demise, Rasputin was widely recognized as one of his country’s most prodigious drinkers, and that saying something if your country is Russia. Recommended drink: Rasputin drank everything he could get his hands on, but his fallback was, of course, vodka. So pour one chilled and neat and try to see the world through the mad monk’s eyes. For more reasons to drink, head on over to drunkard.com, and if you want a dose of booze news, pay a visit to our sister site brutal hammer dot com