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Today’s Reason to Drink: December 27


It’s Louis Pasteur’s birthday. While the French biologist and chemist is usually hailed for discovering how to pasteurize milk, most of his scientific endeavors involved booze and the whole milk thing was just a sidelight. He made tremendous strides in the field of fermentation, changing the face of the entire industry. Recommended drink: If you’re a fancy beer drinker, have a sour, which is a type of beer that Louis worked hard to eradicate. If you’re not that fancy, have a pasteurized American macrobrew, which is most them when served in bottles and cans. For more reasons to drink, head on over to drunkard.com, and if you want a dose of booze news, pay a visit to our sister site brutal hammer dot com

Frank Kelly Rich
Editor/Publisher of Modern Drunkard Magazine.