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September 28: National Drink Beer Day

It’s National Drink Beer Day. It was started in Milwaukee, naturally, and was originally called Drink As Much Beer As Possible Day. But, you know, political correctness always creeps in. Whenever a forthright, righteous and inspirational idea rises up, such as Drink As Much Beer As Possible Day, the hysterics and frowny-faces have to squash it, or, in this case, water it down, just so people don’t start getting the idea they can have unbridled fun. The fun must always be controlled and contained and carefully monitored, lest the world spiral into madness. It reminds me of when the town in which my college was situated decided to loosen up and throw an Oktoberfest celebration on their Main Street, but they made it so you couldn’t walk around with a beer, you had to drink it in 20 by 20 foot chain-link cages. Just in case you went crazy on Coors Light, which was the only beer they’d sell you. Over-regulated fun is no fun at all, if you ask me. So, with that in mind, I’m going to celebrate National Drink Beer Day today, but, secretly, in my private heart, I’ll really be celebrating Drink As Much Beer As Possible Day. I hope you join me.



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