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September 18: Get Ready Day


It’s Get Ready Day. This is the day you’re supposed to stock up on supplies and generally prepare yourself for any and all sorts of emergencies, including natural disasters, zombie apocalypses, the return of National Prohibition, additional pandemics, raptures, alien invasions, particle collider-related antimatter mishaps and so forth. You can never be too ready. And let me tell you something else, you can never have too much booze on hand when everything goes to hell. It’s a powerful stress reliever. It allows you to gain a more laissez-faire perspective, to put aside unproductive hysterics and focus on finding that jar of martini olives. Fun fact: During the Cold War, Soviet bomb shelters were stocked with vodka, because it was considered a ready antiseptic, and if no one was injured, well, they could just drink it. It’s a good system.

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