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September 12: National Day of Encouragement


It’s the National Day of Encouragement. You’re supposed to go around encouraging people. Just dishing out the “attaboys” and “you-go-girls.” Do you know what encourages me? The Brutal Hammer. What’s that? Well, it has long been Modern Drunkard Magazine’s staff drink. Grab a pen and I’ll lay the recipe on you. Go ahead, I’ll wait. You ready? It’s vodka and red wine, equal measures. Just pour them in a water glass. You can cynically throw in a few ice cubes, but it’s hardly necessary. It might taste a little strange, a little inappropriate, at first, but by the third, why, they’ll taste like ambrosia. And, by God, you’ll be encouraged. You’ll be very encouraged, and you’ll go around encouraging the hell out of other people, and pretty soon everyone will be properly encouraged on this National Day of Encouragement. It’s the singular gift of the Brutal Hammer. It is chock full of encouragement.

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