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October 31: Halloween


It’s Halloween. The night that the kids get candy and the adults get loaded. I’ll be wearing a typical Lazy Dad-style costume. You know what I mean, those half-baked, low-effort get-ups that a perhaps slightly-tippled dad wears as he trails behind his kids with a flashlight, wishing he’d remembered to bring along his flask. This year I’ll be digging out my old leather jacket, Clash t-shirt and jump boots, slapping on some white face paint, and calling myself The Ghost of My Punk Rock Past. And I will not forget my flask. Happy Halloween!


  1. I will be holding the fort tonight while she takes the spawn around the block chasing up some pre-diabetes. Fortified with a coffee cup full of whiskey neat, I will be the guardian of the candy stash metering it out to the little munchkins that turn up at my doorstep. Hoping for some inappropriate moms in costume while I try to hoard all the Mr. Goodbars in the Hershey mix bag. Happy Halloween to you as well.


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