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October 20: The Real National Brandied Fruit Day


It’s National Brandied Fruit Day. Now, I know I told you yesterday that that was National Brandied Fruit Day, but that was just crazy drunk talk. Yesterday was National Brandied Fruit Day Eve. So, let us now proceed into the future, arms linked with true unity and understanding, and without any squinched-up faces or snarky comments about knowing which day is which. All is correct and forgiven. So, National Brandied Fruit Day. Man, I thought this day would never arrive, yet here we are. The holiday is shrouded in mystery, but my best guess is it was founded in the 1970s when brandied fruit was quite a big deal. People were marinating fruit in brandy and slapping them on pies, pastries and cakes all over the place. You open any cooking magazine of the day, and there was a brandied fruit recipe staring you right in the face. You either got on board the brandied-fruit train or face ostracism. So, you’re probably wondering, can you get drunk by eating brandied fruit? You can, but you have to really gorge yourself. I mean, you have to really go to town. I’d recommend you just drink a bottle of brandy, then maybe have an apple.


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