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October 13: The Original Friday the 13th.


On this day in 1307, the original Friday the 13th went down. I’m aware that today is not Friday, but it was Friday way back in 1307. So what terrible thing happened on that Friday that would forever mark the combination it as unlucky? The soldiers of King Philip the Fair of France swooped down upon and rounded up hundreds of Knights Templar, including most of their leadership. The King accused them of all sorts of wickedness and blasphemy, but in reality, it was a shrewd power-play. Philip owed the Templars, who had over time transformed from poor Christian warriors protecting pilgrims in the Holy Lands to the richest banking consortium in the world, a lot of dough, and he not only didn’t want to pay them back, he wanted to get his hands on the rest of their loot. He also felt the Templars had their fingers in way too many pies. Some were eventually set free, but the top brass of the Templars were tortured into confessions then burned at the stake. So, you’re probably wondering, did the Templars like a drink? They did. Though their rules stated that a Templar should only drink in moderation, it’s pretty telling that to be “Drunk as a Templar” was a common saying of the time. They also founded their own vineyards throughout Europe and the Middle East, because, you know, those Templars just had to control everything. And if you’re willing to believe in certain conspiracy theories, they still do.


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