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October 14: Be Your Better Half Day


It’s Be Your Better Half Day. Yeah. You’re supposed to switch attitudes and personalities with your mate, as much as possible, and see how the other half lives. Originally, I think the purpose of this day was to project their positive traits and grasp their unique viewpoint, thereby creating a sense of lasting empathy. What I have noticed, however, is this day is quickly and easily weaponized and used as an opportunity to bring to light and provocatively exaggerate some of your better half’s more annoying habits and tics. By the end of the day, my wife and I are gross caricatures of each other, the sort of monsters our forefathers would ride out of town on a rail. It’s really quite hilarious and disturbing, especially if a lot of alcohol is involved, and it always seems to be. But you know, it does seem to have a positive effect going forward. While there isn’t much empathy mustered up, there is a strong sense of not wanting to appear even remotely like the monster so aptly, if a bit outlandishly, portrayed by your mate. Give it a go!


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