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November 18: Cider Day

It’s Cider Day. We’re talking the “hard” alcoholic version, not apple juice. Cider was one of the first alcoholic beverages mankind conspired, simply because it’s so easy to make. Put some apples and water in a vat and it’ll eventually gather enough airborne yeast to  ferment on its own. I personally have a strong taste for cider. It just tastes so wholesome. Especially when you mix it with bourbon. That’s called a Stonewall, I’ve been told, and it was the main fuel  of Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys during the Revolutionary War. Fun fact: Did you know that the legendary Johnny Appleseed was a real person? His name was John Chapman, and contrary to the Disney version of the man, Johnny wasn’t wandering around the frontier planting “eating” apples, but rather the kind of highly-acidic apples used to make hard cider. They’re called “spitters” because if you take a bite of them, you spit it right out. But they were perfect for making cider. Ol’ Johnny knew what he was doing.

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