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June 8: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Birthday

It’s Frank Lloyd Wright’s birthday. You know, for some vague reason, it’s easy to think of the ground-breaking architect as a sort of staid, well-mannered gentleman. But you’d be wrong. He was actually known as a man-about-town and got in a lot of trouble with his womanizing. Raised by strict teetotal parents, Frank didn’t start drinking with vigor until he reached middle age. Skipping childish experimentations with beer and wine, he settled on Bushmills Irish Whiskey as his go-to. When it came to maintaining his creative edge, Frank employed a not-so-secret weapon. Namely, hard drinking. He was fond of waving a bottle of Bushmills at his younger colleagues and declaring, “You have your youth, but I have this!” True story: In a 1953 interview with the New York Times. the spry 89-year-old attributed his hale health to his daily pre-dinner Irish whiskey.