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July 7: The Roswell Incident


It’s the 73rd anniversary of the Roswell Incident. That fateful discovery of a crash site outside of Roswell, New Mexico. Some claim the crashed object was of extraterrestrial origin, while the government claims, well, the government changes their official story every decade, so who knows what they’re saying now? Personally, I find their evolving stance a bit odd. They aggressively scoff at all the conspiracy and cover-up theories, calling them ridiculous, but keep reworking their own version of events, which just adds fuel to the cover-up fire. Now, I’ve driven down to Roswell and visited a number of their bars, trying to get down to the nut of the thing. I craftily employed alcohol as an interrogative tool, as a truth serum, applying it liberally on the locals and myself, because I like to be truthful too. Come morning, I examined my notes and arrived at this stunning revelation: People who believe in the conspiracy tend to drink more than those who do not. And by quite a large margin. Interesting side note: according to at least one UFO investigative web site, many of those who come in contact with dead or living aliens, including some of the Roswell Incident witnesses, evolve into what we’ll call extremely enthusiastic drinkers. Go figure.