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July 25: National Wine and Cheese Day


It’s National Wine and Cheese Day. That’s right. Today we are celebrating drinking wine and eating cheese at the same time. The French used to call that lunch, but nowadays people call it pairing. You ask me, the whole pairing thing has gotten far out of hand. There are literally hundreds of books telling you how to pair different alcohols, especially beer, with a whole cornucopia of foods. Whenever I get invited to one these “things,” I tell them, “Listen, you don’t need to make up ridiculous reasons to drink alcohol. You already have a perfectly good reason. You’re alive and going to die.” All that said, cheese and wine, I can get behind that. I’ve tried it and it seems right. I’m not saying I’d do that all day, unless, of course, the wine was free. Wait, are you telling me the wine is free? You are telling me the wine is free at this thing. Where is it? How does one sign up? Do we really need all that cheese? What’s the score here? What happens next?