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Episode 12: Absinthe and Evan Williams with JT Habersaat

Your hosts: Frank Kelly Rich (Founder & Editor of MDM) and Luke Schmaltz (Senior writer for MDM).

Special guest: JT Habersaat, punk rock comedian extraordinaire. http://jtcomedy.com/

Featuring: All manner of drunken jibber-jabber including: Absinthe, Punk rock, Comedy, Dangerous drugs, Evan Williams, The booze/volume correlation revealed, Are we still rolling?, Let’s talk Texas, What is fame, exactly?, Broads, chicks and . . ., Let’s get rambling!, and more.

Do you have a suggestion for a future topic of discussion or perhaps a specific drinking-related question to ask Frank and Luke? Send it to [email protected]



  1. Luke Schmaltz! Holy crap was he fully into his bottle, and admitted it *hiccup* loudly

    Excellent podcast with the mighty JT Habersaat and his good tales. natural story teller, yessah.

    Tried to catch up to Luke during this, but it’s only 2:00PM Eastern.

    FKR, you are a solid gentleman and host on these.

    Cheers mates!


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