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December 6: St. Nicholas Day


It’s St. Nicholas’s Day. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Hey, St. Nick doesn’t blow into town until the 25th, driving that big 1967 Buick sleigh of his. Well, let me tell you something. Back in the day, before he was merged with Jesus, this was Saint Nicholas of Myra’s day. He did his thing way back during the Roman Empire, and down the line, kids, mostly in Northern Europe, started getting the idea that he brought them gifts on his day. It was said he traveled with Krampus, the demonic Anti-Santa, who punished the bad children. For every Yin there’s got to be a Yang, right? And it was also a thing to leave out a little brandy, liqueur or schnapps for St. Nick, because it was cold out there and he had to deal with that jerk Krampus all night. I’m sure all the dads got together on that one. Also? If you have a booze sucker or fun hog on your shopping list, our Xmas sale is in full swing at gear.drunkard.com.

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