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December 4: First Bowling Ball Related Death

On this day in 1982, the first person ever was killed by a bowling ball. Kinda surprised it took so long, right? Because I occasionally bowl with other assorted savages, and things usually get out of hand pretty fast, what with all the drinking and loutish behavior a bowling alley naturally inspires. At least in the proletariat bowling alleys I roll in. I do understand the Millennials and Gen Z have made bowling a semi-ironic hipster thing in their special bars, but hey, that’s their thing. Anyway, the act of drunk people hurling hard and heavy orbs around? Things are bound to go sideways, eventually. But it took until 1982. Go figure.


  1. My curiosity is piqued. Can you provide details of this event? I’m visually impaired these days, making internet research more of a trial, and would appreciate the help. BTW, I’m an Alexa listener. Great fun, excellent writing.


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