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August 14: “Doc” Holliday’s birthday.

It’s John Henry “Doc” Holliday’s birthday. Born in 1851, in his 36 years of life Doc transformed himself into one the largest legends of the American Frontier. So, did Doc like a drink? Well, if you’ve had the pleasure of viewing Val Kilmer’s rather excellent turn as Doc in the film Tombstone, you would likely guess, “Yes, very much so.” And you’d be right. Total drunkard. And, if I were a little soberer right now, I would further illustrate that, in beautiful detail. But it so happens, I am as drunk as John Henry Doc Holliday on a typical Saturday night playing poker in an Old West saloon. Which is pretty damn drunk. And yes I am. Keeping the dream alive. Doc Holliday baby! Woo!


  1. Dude you are so awesome. a true rebel. you say what everybody is thinking. i have read your book so many times. i have purchased at least 3. they keep getting wet.. lol..i love your magazine and you are fucking awesome……..CM In Charleston, South Carolina..


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